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QCCS Qubit Control

Zurich Instruments' products for qubit control enable maximum fidelity and system usage in a scalable way. All three are essential to handle the complexity of a large quantum processor with the highest standards of algorithm performance.

Multi-Qubit pulse pattern

High fidelity

Maximum system utilization


Control signals operate directly on the fragile quantum states, that is, on the most sensitive elements of a quantum processor. Zurich Instruments' signal generation products combine our expertise in analog circuit design with our in-depth knowledge of the requirements related to different implementations of superconducting and spin qubit gates. Performance in terms of 1/f noise, phase noise, bandwidth, and amplitude stability is carefully balanced whether the quantum device in use features on flux bias, charge bias, parametric, or cross-resonance gates.

The continuous and reliable operation of quantum processors comes with its own challenges. Tasks such as frequent reconfiguration and processing of large batches of computing jobs call for an architecture with minimal overhead on instrument communication. Zurich Instruments' sequencing concept minimizes the amount of waveform data even when complex signals are involved. With conditional sequence branching for quantum error correction, patterns can be built up from just a few waveform primitives by shaping and modulating pulses in real time.

With a high channel density, low cost per channel, and system-wide synchronization, our products address the needs of projects where channel count is often measured on the order of dozens to hundreds. It is possible to add extra channels at any time and to count on a high experiment up-time thanks to the reliable operation of each component in a well-designed control system.

Application Use Cases

Use the SHFSG Signal Generator to perform single- and multi-qubit gates for superconducting and spin qubits:

  • DC to 8.5 GHz with a 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Low phase noise, spurious-free signals for high-fidelity gates
  • Free from mixer calibration to save time on system tune-up
  • Memory-efficient sequencing for high system utilization
  • High channel density

Use the SHFQC Qubit Controller as an integrated solution covering both superconducting qubit readout and microwave single- and multi-qubit gates:

  • DC to 8.5 GHz with a 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 2, 4, or 6 Signal Generator control channels
  • 1 Quantum Analyzer readout channel
  • Low-latency feedback
  • Low phase noise, spurious-free signals for high-fidelity gates

Use the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator to control superconducting and spin qubits directly at up to 750 MHz, or upconverted to the microwave domain:

  • Ultra-low latency for fast feedback
  • High channel density
  • Memory-efficient sequencing for high system utilization
  • Real-time precompensation for flux pulses
  • Low noise, high amplitude

Use the HDIQ IQ Modulator in combination with a local oscillator to convert signals from the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator into the microwave domain:

  • Broad RF frequency range between 4 GHz and 8 GHz
  • High output power for short qubit gates
  • Switch control for automated mixer calibration
  • Floating RF circuit design for preventing ground loops

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