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Zurich Instruments joins project to entangle error-corrected qubits

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Zurich Instruments is pleased to announce its participation in the SuperMOOSE project, which aims to entangle two error-corrected qubits and thus lay the foundation for future quantum computers. In this project, Zurich Instruments joins forces with two leading experimental labs at ETH Zurich and MIT, the quantum computing startup Atlantic Quantum, and leading theorists at Université de Sherbrooke and Forschungszentrum Jülich. The project is funded by the American agency IARPA under the Entangled Logical Qubits (ELQ) program.

An error-corrected logical qubit is realized by multiple physical qubits, creating redundancy of quantum information and allowing for error detection. Zurich Instruments will provide the dedicated control electronics required to operate the complex quantum devices required for such experiments. The ELQ program builds on the successful realization of logical qubits under the IARPA LogiQ program, in which Zurich Instruments has established its position as a leading system provider supporting error correction technology.

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