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The New SHF+ Product Line

SHF Plus

Your Engineering Toolset for Quantum Advantage

The SHF+ product line sets a new standard for high-fidelity qubit control and readout. With a new analog front end, the SHF+ instruments come with even higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and even lower phase noise than before, making top analog performance available for your lab. The new front end is available on the SHFQC+ Qubit Controller, SHFSG+ Signal Generator, and SHFQA+ Quantum Analyzer, making Zurich Instruments the top choice on your road to quantum advantage.

Higher Fidelities

All signal outputs of the SHF+ products come with 10 dB higher SNR to be among the highest available on the market. Higher SNR for qubit control means a lower effective qubit temperature and higher gate fidelity. Higher SNR for qubit readout means less measurement-induced dephasing. On top of that, the new fast output muting functionality allows you to silence the output channels even further during the times between pulses, for measurements on even the most sensitive of qubits.

A substantially improved phase noise allows for suppressing phase errors in the control of long-lived qubits. This is particularly impactful when pulses are far apart in time, which is why we paid special attention to the phase noise at low offset frequencies.

Together, top performance in these critical parameters let you maximize quantum computing algorithm fidelity.

Introducing the New SHF+ Product Line for High-Fidelity Qubit Control

Faster Workflows

All SHF+ instruments come with LabOne Q, the software framework for quantum computing that accelerates your progress in the lab. LabOne Q covers the full experimental workflow on a high level and takes care of all instrument programming and synchronization for you. With its extensive example library, LabOne Q let’s you spend less time programming and more time focusing on your innovations in quantum engineering.

Tested at Top Labs

There’s no better test than measurements done on real qubits. We partnered with some of the world’s leading labs in Switzerland, Korea, Germany, and the US, to ensure that the technical specs of the new instruments lead to outstanding performance benefits in the lab. Do you want to unleash qubit control in your lab, too? Get in touch now to schedule a demo!

LabOne Q. All Quantum in One.

Product Highlights

SHFQC+ Qubit Controller

SHFSG+ Signal Generator

SHFQA+ Quantum Analyzer

SHFQC+ 8.5 GHz Qubit Controller Frontpanel
  • Fully integrated qubit control and readout
  • Internal feedback of 350 ns
  • Intuitive experiment control with LabOne Q
  • Operation from DC to 8.5 GHz
  • 1 GHz bandwidth free from mixer calibration
  • High output power for short qubit gates
  • 2 or 4 channels
  • Fast readout of up 16 qubits per channel
  • Spectroscopy at the speed limit
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