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Why LabOne?

Today's leading instrumentation manufactures invest on integration to increase the impact of their products and to differentiate them from the competition's. As researchers build ever more advanced experimental setups, the goal of Zurich Instruments is to help them reduce that complexity thanks to integrated test and measurement solutions. This is why Zurich Instruments developed LabOne®, the first-of-its-kind comprehensive user interface for leading scientists and engineers worldwide.

Invest Smart

Instrument purchases that are part of strategic long-term plans

We believe in instrumentation that grows with our customers' needs. Our software updates are free, and configurable options can be added according to your changing requirements. The countless features we provide offer the flexibility you require for shorter- and longer-term research objectives.

Save Time

Experimental setups that work from day one

Researchers should be able to rely on stable user interfaces for multiple simultaneous measurements. We offer a software infrastructure that accelerates your signal acquisition, and a variety of time- and frequency-domain analysis tools that speed up your data interpretation.

Aim High

Instruments that integrate the experience of opinion leaders

The measurement approaches we pursue are validated with some of the world's leading laboratories and fine-tuned with some of the most prominent opinion makers in their respective fields. Our analysis tools provide inherent methodologies to achieve, check, and repeat measurements reliably.

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