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Microwave Lock-in Amplifiers

Zurich Instruments’ new GHFLI and SHFLI Lock-in Amplifiers are the trailblazers that bring state-of-the-art signal generation, analysis, and control to microwaves. They combine the measurement speed and high noise rejection of lock-in amplifiers with a full microwave measurement suite that includes an Oscilloscope, a Spectrum Analyzer, a Parametric Sweeper, and more, reducing complexity for scientists and engineers.

Get in touch now to get a live experience of the GHFLI and SHFLI Lock-in Amplifiers.

Trailblazers. The GHFLI and SHFLI Microwave Lock-in Amplifiers.

Recorded Webinar

Watch the GHFLI and SHFLI Microwave Lock-in Amplifiers virtual launch event held the 6th of October 2022.
The video recording includes a presentation of the instruments and a practical demonstration.

Measure and Generate Periodic Microwave Signals: The GHFLI and SHFLI Launch Event

Measure and Generate Periodic Microwave Signals I Zurich Instruments Webinar
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