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Microwave Lock-in Amplifiers

Zurich Instruments’ new GHFLI and SHFLI Lock-in Amplifiers are the trailblazers that bring state-of-the-art signal generation, analysis, and control to microwaves. They combine the measurement speed and high noise rejection of lock-in amplifiers with a full microwave measurement suite that includes an Oscilloscope, a Spectrum Analyzer, a Parametric Sweeper, and more, reducing complexity for scientists and engineers.

New: The Quad PID/PLL option is now available for GHFLI and SHFLI Lock-in amplifiers, enabling closed-loop feedback control at microwave frequencies.

Trailblazers. The GHFLI and SHFLI Microwave Lock-in Amplifiers.

Feedback at Microwave Frequencies

Introducing the latest enhancement for our microwave lock-in amplifiers, the Quad PID/PLL option unlocks the precise and fast closed-loop feedback at GHz frequencies. With one instrument, you can stabilize your resonators or circuits and track their behavior from DC to 8.5 GHz.

Adding the Quad PID/PLL option to the GHFLI and SHFLI Lock-in Amplifiers enables a comprehensive set of input- and control-signal choices. Multiple controllers that can run in series or parallel enable your required feedback mode.  

The LabOne User Interface offers intuitive visualization and control of your experiment, reducing complexity and time to publication.

Feedback Control at GHz Frequencies - Quad PID/PLL Option

Feedback Control at GHz Frequencies - Quad PID/PLL Option

GHFLI 1.8 GHz Lock-in Amplifier

SHFLI GHFLI Visual Arrow Left

Discover GHFLI    Quad PID/PLL Controller Option

SHFLI 8.5 GHz Lock-in Amplifier

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Discover SHFLI    Quad PID/PLL Controller Option

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