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Values & Commitment

Company Values

Zurich Instruments is a fast growing company with the long-standing vision to innovate measurement instrumentation. Our values are at the core of our daily work, the glue that ties us together and reminds us of who we are as we take up new challenges. We are commited to ensuring that our company's growth provides exciting career opportunities for current and future team members. Whether you join Zurich Instruments as a customer, a supplier or an employee, we stand by our values.

Lead the change

Be the reference

Develop and grow together

Zurich Instruments develops strong, unique products; we are not interested in copycat solutions. Everyone is free to take responsibility and leadership at Zurich Instruments, be it for the design of a product or for the optimization of a workflow.

As a team, we set ambitious goals to go beyond our limits. We are accountable, reliable, and inspiring people who constantly aim to be a reference for others.

Learning together, helping one another and respectfully challenging each other enables us to create the most innovative and exciting products on the market. This is why we are proud of our solutions.

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Production room with instrument

Our Commitment

Reduced setup complexity

Detailed application know-how

Premium customer care

Zurich Instruments has revolutionized test and measurement strategies by integrating state-of-the-art analog front ends, high-precision digital signal processing, innovative software, and intuitive interfaces into a line of products guided by lean design principles. One of our instruments replaces several pieces of equipment originally needed for the same task. This approach saves valuable space – and time – in the laboratory, so that our customers can devote more time and energy to the research questions that drive them.

Zurich Instruments employs PhD-level professionals from different scientific fields in the technical sales and support team. Every inquiry, be it about a particular application or a technical issue, is matched to the most suitable team member. We love to share our measurement insights and experience with our customers.

Our market-leading approach integrates excellent customer service and technical support into the product. Customer care is neither an extra nor an after-thought: it is rooted in our company values. Our customers and partners can count on high-level technical expertise and response times of one working day or less. All users receive complete instrument documentation as well as access to tutorials and videos. We encourage our customers to engage with us at conferences and trade shows. We build trust-based, lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

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