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At Zurich Instruments, we come from all around the world and share one goal: enable our customers to do their best research in the laboratory. Read our stories to get to know us better.

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Tobias Thiele

« As I came directly from academia, this was a huge shift for me – but one definitely worth it. »

Tobias Thiele - Product Manager for the SHFQA Quantum Analyzer and Application Scientist for Quantum Technologies


Dragan Lesic

« I find it rewarding when I recognize issues that users are experiencing and can solve them thanks to the latest browser technology. »

Dragan Lesic - Senior Software Engineer responsible for front-end development of the LabOne UI


Magdalena Marszalek

« I thought this company was transforming ‘ancient’ devices I remembered from my time in the lab to digital instruments full of functionalities, ready for 21st-century users. »

Magdalena Marszalek - Works in the Technical Sales team, acting as the first contact person for customers


Florian Haupt

« It is rewarding to know that our products enable physics research and that the limitations I suffered from have been largely removed thanks to the design of our lock-in amplifiers. »

Florian Haupt - Hardware Design Engineer with a focus on RF technology


Paolo Navaretti

« That’s when I realised that this company cares about customers, and that its values are aligned with my own. »

Paolo Navaretti - Application Scientist heading the Lock-in Amplifiers team and Product Manager for the SHFQA Quantum Analyzer


Marjorie Sombray

« When I looked at the website and read the company’s values, I knew that I wanted to work for this company, even if I had no scientific background. »

Marjorie Sombray - Event Organizer and main point of contact for sales team representatives attending shows and conferences


Moritz Kirste

« If you want to make a change or there is something you want to do, no one will stop you from taking action. »

Moritz Kirste - Quantum Computing team lead and coordinator for Zurich Instruments' collaboration projects


Asterios Kampouris

« The challenge is that I have to learn quickly about a customer’s application details, and work together with our team and with the customer to find the optimal solution. »

Asterios Kampouris - Works in the Technical Sales team, addressing customers' queries and providing customer support


Chunyan Shi

« As an application scientist, I see myself as a bridge between customers and developers. »

Chunyan Shi - Application Scientist focused on providing instrument solutions for customers in the area of quantum technologies


Ron Alexander

« Having access to experts in the field was a valuable resource during my career as a scientist, so I get to be that reference for our customers now. »

Ron Alexander - Member of the US Sales team, providing a first line of contact for customers and excellent technical support
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