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Teaming up with Rohde & Schwarz

On July 1st, 2021, Rohde & Schwarz acquired Zurich Instruments, further strengthening its presence in the scientific community and, in particular, the quantum computing market. Zurich Instruments continues to operate as a standalone company, now combining the benefits of being a focused SME with the broad know-how, technology and stability provided by a multi-billion Euro trailblazer of the industry. The technology access and strong financial backing is allowing Zurich Instruments to take the bold decisions and innovation steps required to continue its technology leadership in quantum computing control systems. At the same time we are leveraging the benefits to make further advances with our lock-in amplifiers and impedance analyzers.

Building a Quantum Computer Together

Zurich Instruments and Rohde & Schwarz address the quantum technologies market with flexible, efficient and tailored T&M solutions that span the initial testing phase through to the final operation of a quantum computing system.

In the design and testing stage of qubit production and the assembly of the system, researchers need to characterize fabrication processes and test new materials. During system integration, quantum computing control and readout system hardware and characteristics such as cabling, signal quality and synchronization need to be verified and characterized. Here, researchers benefit from high-end general-purpose test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz such as vector network analyzers and spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and power meters. For signal generators, which play an important role in building a quantum computer, the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio covers instruments from high-performance and ultra low noise analog generators to compact and scalable vector signal generators.

Zurich Instruments has a complementary offering, supporting researchers in the ramp-up and operation phase with the most advanced quantum computing control electronics and software for operating up to over 100 qubits.

Our solutions perform all three crucial tasks: qubit control, qubit readout, and real-time feedback to enable quantum error correction, the complete system being programmed and monitored by our user-friendly LabOne® control software, which enables users to easily and quickly set up and automate experiments.

Joint QT Value Chain

Complementing the Impedance Offering

LCR Meter or Impedance Analyzer - What's the Difference?

Zurich Instruments’ MFIA Impedance Analyzer complements the Rohde & Schwarz R&S®LCX LCR meter and together, they:

  • Enable impedance measurements over the full component manufacturing cycle
  • Address a wide range of measurement challenges and applications: from materials science, research & development, characterization, to quality assurance and production & test

Discover LCX     Discover MFIA

Interview with Andreas Pauly

Andreas Pauly

« Along with its lock-in amplifiers and impedance analyzers, Zurich Instruments offers brilliant solutions for controlling and measuring quantum processors and is a strong node in the network of actors leading this field. »

Andreas Pauly - Executive Vice President of the Test and Measurement Division at Rohde & Schwarz

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